Not In My Name


The world mourns …
It mourns the innocent people that have been murdered;
It mourns the souls who left the world bewildered!

It’s hurtful to see humanity die it’s own death!
Who should we hold responsible for these inhumane acts?

The world mourns…
Beirut then Baghdad, then Paris in the same week!
One after another, the future of the world looks bleak!

There’s darkness around us, and fear and bloodshed,
There’s war against war, it only leads to enmity being bred!

The world mourns….
Death of humanity and justice,
innocence and security,
We mourn with them, and mourn for the loss of our identity!

We are equally aggrieved on how in minutes, lives are changed!
Shocked at the courageous atrocity, we are made to feel ashamed!

We feel sad and unsafe in this world, where we have to explain,
‘Don’t blame us, Muslims are indeed victims of this disdain!

We love all humanity, we cannot do harm to anyone,
Muslims stand united against this war of terrorism!

Muslims respect all religions, They love all humans,
We stand in solidarity for World Peace, not with a nation!’

The world mourns….
The death of peace, happiness and love!
‘Oh Allah, Have Mercy! Send signs from above!

That You have forgiven, the short comings of humans,
Please Allah rescue us, from these extremist demons!’

‘O killers, you are not even humans, you are worse than animals,
You butcher people alive, you are dreadful cannibals!

O ruthless, inhumane, treacherous murderers! Stop playing this game!
Stop killing in the name of Islam, Don’t kill! #NotInMyName!’

This poem was originally published at Muslimah Bloggers.

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