Identity Embraced!

pink petaled flowers
Photo by Asad Nazir on

Step up. Walk.
With your head held high!
Don’t hesitate.
Don’t be embarrassed or shy!

Look around. Ponder!
Relax … and be at ease!
Allah chose you to be the ‘one’,
With whom ‘He’ is pleased!

They whisper… let them!
Let them think, you’re suppressed!
Be confident. Be yourself…
Don’t feel repressed!

Your ‘head-covering’ liberates you,
It makes you powerful, and fearless,
It gives you invisible wings to fly,
It gives you strength … limitless!

Move forward. Have Faith!
Your freedom has just begun!
Walk Towards Allah …
Towards You, ‘He’ will surely run!

Embrace your identity,
Wear your Hijab,
Don’t worry about nothing,
Be proud of your head-scarf!

Please Allah, not people,
Do as ‘He’ commands,
People won’t fulfill your needs;
They won’t fulfill your demands!

Comprehend your Deen,
Feel accomplished!
Stand in obedience,
Don’t reminisce!

Your past is gone,
And future awaits,
Jannah is your goal,
So don’t abate!

Remain steadfast,
Swing your way through,
Fight the Shaitaan within,
Let Allah guard you!

Cherish your religion,
Wear it on your sleeves,
Pray humbly, Dress modestly,
In the One Lord …. Believe!

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