Slow Down!

There’s no need to rush,
Slow down, O dear soul!
Keep striving towards,
Your ultimate goal!
Who said it would be easy?
Who said it would be small?
Working for Paradise,
Needs your day and all,
So what if you stumble,
So what, if you fall?
Get up and get going,
Jannah is for all!
Slow down in your salaah,
Don’t rush through Qur’an,
Make time for du’a,
Perform worship with ihsaan!
The tone in which you will,
Never talk to your employer,
How then you hurriedly mumble,
In salaah to your Creator?
Don’t just pray to pray,
Pray with your whole heart,
Pray because you are in need,
Pray, and do your part!
Pray humbly and make du’a,
You will feel that He listens,
Ask Him and keep moving forth,
One step towards Him, He Hastens …
To surround you with peace,
To take away your worries,
To answer your du’as,
To reward you, He hurries!
Make His mention in solitude,
Remember Him in an assembly,
Praise Him and Thank Him,
Worship Him with your family!
He calls out to Jibreel (AS),
The leader of all angels,
To love you and fill the hearts,
With your love, among people!
To be loved by The Al-Wadood,
That shall be such an honour!
Something we all crave for,
His Love and His Pleasure!
So there’s no need to rush,
Slow down, my dear soul!
Keep striving towards….
Your ultimate goal … (Jannah)!

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